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 Player Commands

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PostSubject: Player Commands   Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:44 am

For now, these are the player commands that are available in-game :]. The list will be updated as more is made.

@str 15 if they want 15 str
@int 192 if they want 192 int
@dex 1 if they want 1 dex
@luk 9 if they want 9 dex
@callgm - Calls a GM.
@changename [name] - Change your name to [name] if you have a name changer or 1B mesos.
@credits - Shows Credits.
@dispose - Use if you're stuck.
@emo - Kill yourself.
@expfix - This resets your exp to 0.
@help - This shows all the player commands.
@killplayer [player] - Kills [player] if [player] is not a gm. Costs 100M per use and has a cooldown.
@pap - Summons Papulatus if you are in the right map and have a Piece of Dimension.
@pvp - Shows help with PvP
@rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+.
@save - Saves your data.
@toggleexp - Toggles whether you get exp or not.
@togglesmega - Toggles if you hear smegas or not. Costs 100000 mesos per use.
@zakum - Summons Zakum if you are in the right map, and you have an Eye of Fire.
@version - Shows Version.
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Player Commands
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