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 Micheal>GM Application

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PostSubject: Micheal>GM Application   Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:28 am

Contact Information:u can Contact me By My Email:edwin5201@hotmail.com
Time Zone:[GMT+8]
Position (GM, Mod, Coder):GM
How long can you play?7~8Hour 1 day
Experience:I'm new to being a GM, but if chosen, I'll try my best. Also i'm a quick learner, so codes will be easy. =). I hope you'll give me a chance and I'll prove to you that I'll be on of the best on your team. And plus, people that DO have experience started out with no experience, I'm hoping i can start here in this server =]
Can you code?i can
Have you been a GM before?:yes,i be Co-admin at ClockwerkMs F3
How are you going to improve the server? I literally care for the other players. So in addition, this position would be beneficial, not only for me but others too. I always try my best to help other people whether its in-game or in real life. I love holding events as it makes the players more excited and keep em focused on winning and getting a prize.

To those that know me, I am very trustworthy, and fortunate. I also try to help out whoever I can. I believe that I would become a great addition to the ClockwerkMs Staff and community.

I myself know that I am not the most experienced, but I believe that by giving me this chance I'll gain skills and the experience during my time as a GM for ClockwerkMs.

Why should you be chosen?I should be chosen as GM, because I am responsible, creative, and open minded. =D. I enjoy helping others, and have good people skills. I'll listen to any player's problems, and try to the best of my ability to help them resolve it. Unlike previous GMs I've encountered in other private servers, I will not be the type that will hang around in FMs socializing with other players. During the time that I am online, I will try helping players, answering questions, hosting events, & fulfilling any duty that the admin sets out for me. I'm very trustworthy, so I wont be giving out free items without getting permission and plus I don't play favorites. Also, I'm very open minded, so if you think i'm doing something wrong, you can feel free to criticize me, and i'll try to change.

Will you leave the server if you're not chosen?: No Cause i Only This Ms and ClokwerkMs Play if ClockwerkMs Server Off then i Play This ^^.

What would you do with a jar of mayonaisse (and nothing else)? NoNe
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PostSubject: Re: Micheal>GM Application   Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:35 am

Nice App :O. I'll think about it, It would be a good idea of you stayed active *hint hint* So that I know you'll be active as a GM as well. Also, try helping people out when they have questions like you said you would in your GM app. PROVE to me that you are capable and worthy of being a GM Smile Invite ACTIVE people as well... the more people we have, the more GMs we're going to need xD
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PostSubject: Re: Micheal>GM Application   Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:28 am

Bravo Nice appication but also agreewith Linny Show the activeness that i know you HAVE o-o
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PostSubject: Re: Micheal>GM Application   

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Micheal>GM Application
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