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 Bender's GM App!

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PostSubject: Bender's GM App!   Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:34 pm

Name: Phillip (Just call me Bender)
Age: 13
Contact Information:prt1667@hotmail.com or if you use something else, contact me!
Time Zone:GMT-6:00 Central Time.
Position (GM, Mod, Coder): GM
How long can you play? (Be specific with time) : A few hours Smile. (Playing times : 3:30PM - 10:00PM Weekends : Random)
Experience: I have been on server that I made which didn't have players.
Can you code? (If so, give an example of your previous works): Nope Sad.
Have you been a GM before? (If so, which server... try to give some evidence) Yes, but it was on a TitanMS source and it didn't have people on it.
How are you going to improve the server? Help new players. If someone PMs/Smegas a question I will answer it if I know it.
Why should you be chosen?: Umm. Because Shadow told me to be a GM, and I should be one because I could help new players out.
Will you leave the server if you're not chosen? : No, I won't.
Last words *Optional*: I know this won't get though.
What would you do with a jar of mayonaisse (and nothing else)? I would put it on the ground. Since I don't have an hotdog to put it on.
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Bender's GM App!
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