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 Kage's GM aplication

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PostSubject: Kage's GM aplication   Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:34 pm

Name: Michael
Contact Information: alba_4ever@msn.com
Time Zone: (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada
Position (GM, Mod, Coder): i want to be a GM
How long can you play? (Be specific with time): umm i mostly play on the weekends because my mom wont let me on weekdays, ill n=sneak on sometimes like at 6 in da morn if i wake up early
Experience: ive been a GM on yummystory lol. other that that i have none Sad
Can you code? (If so, give an example of your previous works): no
Have you been a GM before? (If so, which server... try to give some evidence): yummystory... no evidence lol
How are you going to improve the server? make it fun and exciting, (hopefully) hacker free
Why should you be chosen?: cause i want to be Smile
Will you leave the server if you're not chosen?: no. lol i like it so far
Last words *Optional*: umm... hello everyone xD
What would you do with a jar of mayonaisse (and nothing else)? i would make eyes on my fingers and call them my friends xDD
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Kage's GM aplication
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