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 Lonelys Gm application

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PostSubject: Lonelys Gm application   Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:04 pm

Name:Sunny Ngo


Contact Information: SlicerXD@gmail.com or aim and stuff like that if you want me to get ill get asap.

Time Zone:Est -5.

Position (GM, Mod, Coder):I am trying out to be a Game Master.

How long can you play? (Be specific with time)From atleast 3:00 to 7:00 or till 8:00 if you need me.

Experience:I have never been a Game Master before but i will try my best and learn from my mistakes. I will also learn from gm code book and do whats right for the server.

Can you code? (If so, give an example of your previous works)I can;t code i am sorry for that but i will learn after i get the gm handbook.
Have you been a GM before? (If so, which server... try to give some evidence)Like i said Never been a game master before.

How are you going to improve the server?I will try to get people to join and play and make more events and new ones like im having thoughts about it also i will be around to help with there problems and surely bann hackers.

Why should you be chosen?I think i should be chosen because all i that i am willingly giving is trust,Loyalty.honest,kind,and Niceness to each and every one of the people that play. I can help in so much ways to the server and probably find of my old friends to play this server.Things in my life are so special to me and this server is one of them. I remember the first time i played linny was there to help me and i am going to do the same for everyone.

Will you leave the server if you're not chosen?No i will not this is server rocks so hard i get in touch with it and i can't leave without it.

Last words *Optional*: I have nothing to say at all.

What would you do with a jar of mayonaisse (and nothing else)?I would share it with my maple friends ^.^.
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Lonelys Gm application
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